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>> younited across the fault li.
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and nelson mandela wen wept teaf joy on that stage. to think a man that sacrificed so much and 25 years in prison among many hue mai humiliationse would cry because his country had the right to host of the world cup. sports triggered the euphoric nationalism that never had been experienced in south africa. that plaque and white could finally feel they are cheering on the same country. >>. >> mandela championed for sports and he navigated his life and reign has president. he came to lead and the letionzsy hlegacyhe left behind. >> let's head down to washington, d.c. joie, chen it's
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proappropriate to take up gist . tonight we'll have a profile of a man convicted in a drug crime. we investigate the use of mandatory sentencing requirement. that attempt to bring the drug trade under control can lead to strong arming and plea deal that cannot be much of a deal at auld. all. >> co cop a plea or pay a price. if you don't plead you will pay a price for not pleading. it's not about the crime you did but your failure to plead. >> we'll be joined at the top of the hour with her full report. that is coming up on america tonight. next up.
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jocks anjobs and veterans. zplnkts iif companies are hirine america heros struggling to get a job. the u.s. team has something to worry about. >> ♪
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>> as we told you earlier today jobs report are encouraging.
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>>etet have veterinariaveterans1 are struggling to get work. there are 22 million veterans in the u.s. the unemployment rate is a five-year low it's a 10% jobless rate for post veterans. but first we have breaking news into al. gentleme gentlemen ced. null there has been a diplomatic pu fush push to vic . >> we know the challenges of men who served in the armed forces and when they come home. they are the host of the veterans radio program out of
8:48 pm
michigan looking at veterans issues and their studio is i in ann arbor. we welcome them tonight. let me get your reaction to the breaking news out of north korea. >> i think that is great. i am happy that man was finally released. he went back there to are a great cause and to hook up with some of the people he worked with during the korean war and i'm happy they released him. he is l 85 years old. >>. >> let's get to the unemployment numbers. this is tough for veterans but there are bright spots, right >> i think so. it's because of the awareness that the public and the good pub publicity and the media and we want to thanks you folks over there, that is making it very
8:49 pm
possible now that employers are blbecoming more and more aware f the veterans and what they can contribute to the work place, dale? >> there are so many organizations out there that are trying t to hire vit vet ranlsz. zplssments ththe banking associe colleges are recruiting vet rankrangszrangsveteransand thers going on and we want to encourage employers to talk to viveterans. >> bob, talk about the skills that the veterans come to the tabled with. >> the first thing they do they show up and they show up on type. time. they are tech savvy and zag et s and technology that is not a available in the work environment. >> they stick to ra to respect.
8:50 pm
they get the job done and think know what it is to have team-work. that is important to employers and they work as a unit. hohow has the government handled the vet rans ranks and veteranst jobs. >> there is a lot f of informatn on the welcome bac website and s military career collegue collegn get students into programs that will match up their capabilities. and the student veteran of america organization as also that can help them out. the point is we want them -- i'm sorry you go ahead. >>. >> i want to make sure that the employers know the skills that these men and women have. one things they have is interpersonal skills.
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they have been working with people from different cul cultus and rewill i g religions and etk background when they get into an ofltiooffice environment they cp the team-work efes efficiently. >> what do veterans say when they call you up and talk to you about looking for a job? >> will the first thing they want to know, "where do we go"? gh t go to your local veterans affairs office. gh to yougo to your va and theyp you with training, resume building and interviewing skills and tab it's all a veil i availh the vfl va. get the job done.
8:52 pm
>> there are also. >> i would like to. >> go ahead. no i just want to add in many of the colleges out there have counselling offices for vi vetes only. they will you gtheythey will goe and making contact and so for. there are many opportunity for the ve veterans and they get pointed in the right direction and follow through on it. don't give up. there are 23 million ve veterans that want to help you succeed. bob and dale it's great to see you, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. by the way you are dismissed: >> yes, sir. >> miami is more than hot peachebeech beaches and cool night clubs. an event like no other is coming up.
8:53 pm
details on the early wi winr storm making it's way across the u.s.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
tonight we are talking about painting and sculptures and more. miami beach is turning the seaside into a cultural capital for a week. >> from the masters like p picassos it's one of the art world's most prestigious shows and the largest in the country. 12 years ago miami beach imported the swiss concept of art bozel. it features six thousand artists and it's success cannot be easily duplicated. >> it gheit generates $500 milln art sales.
8:56 pm
numbers like that explain why cities around the world are eager. >> it's people from all oi all e world who have seen what is happening in miami beach and seen the transform aal effect. >> the xument ha since bringinge beach the art scene has exploded. it puts pressure on the community to stan measure up toe standard. when it started there were only six galleries and today there are 140. >> this week this art gallery opened it's doors with the infusion of the florida sun light and bay and guardness. guarguardgardens.the cureato c l
8:57 pm
be a space from 1990's to the presence. often in miami we are competing were thwith the beach. the museum and the design and location in the large park. it will change that. it has the potential to become a other type of social space station. >> the museum began building in 1996 but it's collected 2300 works of art. that is metaphor for the art community in miami-gad-dade cou. it's evolving into a destination not only as a sun wor worshippet for an emerging power in the art world. ♪
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well 80% 69 countr of the cs 10 to 20-degrees below average. north gak snorth dakota and soua and minnesota are getting the brunt of the weather. it feels lik like - - 27 in far. people are having difficult times on the road. and take a look at the video. do we have that video to show. >> a lot fd problem lot of probd once one car gets stuck it cause he is causes a major problem bed that. come back to the weather wall i will show you what we can expect to city over the next day texas has cleer cleared out.
8:59 pm
for the south east it's going to be a rain event, across the higo river valley and sthe thrn we te mix of precipitation. >> a lot of snow is going to be falling across pennsylvania and extend into up state new york as wilwell. new england has a problem and the possibility of flooding and the winter storm arctivity. ar . in pennsylvania hard freeze -- a hard freeze warning. and las vegas at 30. and we are going to be seeks snow north of los angeles.
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. welcome to al jaze rest a.z. >>. major news about the economy tonight. a jump in construction and manufacturing jobs helped bring the unemployment rate down to 7% it's the lowest in five years the economy gained more than 200,000 new positions last month. 20,000 more than expected. >> a wintery storm is bringing ice snow and freezing temperatures across the country. winter storm warnings are in effect for

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